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6 April 2009, 3.32 a.m. - Collemaggio’s SOS

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Every day we receive an infinite number of SOS requests for help and support, yet we are increasingly less inclined to hear their call. What would move you to make a donation of ‘€ 99’ for the reconstruction of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio church, which is in urgent need of repair and restoration?

Sadly, the damages are graver than was thought after the initial on-site inspection. The transept has collapsed and, as a consequence, the entire church has been seriously damaged and the pillars are gradually being crushed and crumbling away.

Giorgio Croci, engineer and lecturer at the Sapienza University in Rome, is one of the most authoritative experts in the restoration of ancient buildings and temples that have been damaged overtime by natural disasters.
Together with Paolo Rocchi, he has intervened on the restoration of the Basilica Superiore of San Francesco in Assisi, returning it, in little more than two months, to exactly how it was before the first earthquake. And he is still there now, tirelessly studying and working.
In an interview with a journalist he declared:
"I am occupying myself with the splendid Basilica di Collemaggio church. Unfortunately, it is in a sorry state, a very sorry state indeed. It is in worse condition than the Basilica of Assisi, even though it does not have the same kind of frescoes, which, after being crumbled into thousands of pieces, must be meticulously recomposed like a jigsaw puzzle.” 

Indeed, we will require € 10,000,000.00, or more precisely € 99,999,999.99, because ‘9’ is a magic number. It is the number that ‘gives birth to the first ten’ and it is indeed tens that we need: 99.999, the same as Lunar Calendars and the emblems on the templar cross, with the white elephant, bestowed upon those whose hearts beat for just an instant in unison with that of Saint Celestine. ‘99’ is the magic number that tradition has attributed to the town of Aquila, built according to the symmetrical plan of Jerusalem, which also has ‘66’ as its mystical number. It is not by chance that history, which is often confused with legend, indicates the Fontana delle 99 cannelle (The Fountain of 99 Spouts) as the first prodigious moment, in 1272, to embellish Aquila, and from which all the secrets and the history of Aquila have taken form, from its name and magic number to its mystical meaning.

A net of love has been cast around the Basilica di Collemaggio, the ‘great heart’ of Aquila, where a lively, pulsing energy keeps its lacerated body alive, so it might heal its wounds a little at a time, helping it to recover and bringing it back to life again.

We would like to send our most heartfelt thanks to all of the 9,999,999.99 friends, whose hearts beat in unison with the Santa Maria di Collemaggio church


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This initiative is promoted on SOS COLLEMAGGIO web site that has been specially designed to preserve the spirit of Celestine V and to recover the energy of the Triple 8 (>8<8>8<) that was lost in the earthquake of April 6 2009, at 3.32 am