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Every thought is like a kite

Every author and producer must understand that when any one of us receives or meets with images and thoughts that touch them on a profound level, they are incapable of retaining them completely, and they in turn throw them into the ether like a kite.


And when someone else grasps the string dangling from the sky, they hold it for only an instant, before releasing it again to be caught by


< another hand >< another heart >

We are just like a jazz orchestra. A composer writes a piece and then the musicians try to interpret it in the best way they can, until they all play together in perfect harmony.

A friend once asked me if he could use and share the images and thoughts contained in this web site, and the best reply is probably that of the writer Sioux, which goes more or less like this:
"You do not need to ask my permission to cite something that I have said or written. You and I are carrying out the work of the Creator. We are the fluctuating pencils of the spirits. It is our duty to provide information”.

We invite you to use any content you wish. The concept of possession of anything, words in particular, is a mere illusion. Because, when we share them with others, they enter to become part of the universe!

The most important thing is that those who receive them appreciate them for what they are. Then if they or someone else decides to revise them, by changing the text or removing the parts that they do not like, they are free to do so, because they have already escaped our grasp and our minds.

From the kites of Santa Maria di Collemaggio church to the infinite number of kites in the world that appear  in our sky.

Heart to Heart

A man cannot change the  world       
but can help spread a message

that can change the world

N.B.: This site contains images and written texts from all over the world that have been taken from the worldwide web. At the time of publishing, the visual and written contributions, often received from anonymous friends, which have been put on the web site and published on the web, did not appear to be subject to any specific copyright, intellectual property or privacy laws. In the event that any of the anonymous images or thoughts are protected and have been unlawfully reproduced, or are governed by national and/or international law, to which we scrupulously wish to abide, we would like to apologise to the legitimate authors for any eventual involuntary abuse and/or for not having correctly cited the source, and we shall duly proceed with the deletion from the web site, of the same, without delay, on receipt of a specific and formal request by the author(s) or those individuals that hold the specific rights over the contested images and works. Otherwise, silence shall be considered tacit and polite consent to use the same.
Nevertheless, where possible, we have done all in our powers to cite all of the web sites from which we have taken images, without precisely citing the direct source of the photograph or image, in the belief that said citation will be sufficient.


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This initiative is promoted on SOS COLLEMAGGIO web site that has been specially designed to preserve the spirit of Celestine V and to recover the energy of the Triple 8 (>8<8>8<) that was lost in the earthquake of April 6 2009, at 3.32 am