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Help us Rebuild the Great Tepee

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According to a civil defence document, the financial cost for the restoration and rehabilitation of the various historic buildings is estimated at:
- € 10.500.000
(Monumental complex)
- € 5.500.000 (Church)

Restoring and reconstructing the monuments that were destroyed in the Aquila and Abruzzo earthquake on 6 April 2009 will be like putting the pieces of an enormous puzzle back together again.
A Native American’s home not only served for living and sleeping, but above allowed them to stay in direct contact with nature, something that they regarded with the utmost respect.

For Caucasians’, who are used to building homes with solid ‘roots’, it was quite strange for them to hear the chiefs’ say to their people: “The time has come to move our tepees, we must let the Earth breathe.”
The tepee not only had the function of providing shelter at night, but it was also a sacred place: the ‘Dwelling of the Great Spirit’.
Norbert Running, medicine man at the Rosebud Indian Reservation, explained the meaning of the deep spirituality and respect for nature when the Sioux build their tepees:

"Putting up a tepee means recreating the world, regenerating a world. First of all you make a star with the first three poles. The foundation of the world is a star; its true interior form is a light crystal. Once the star has been borne, in order to be centred, we must then orientate our world. With the other seven poles we individualise the seven directions. These ten poles represent the cosmic laws, based on an intrinsic mutual respect for nature that can be observed throughout the natural world. The last two poles support the ‘ears’ that control the wind’s passage into the tepee. In this manner, the tepee and the world can inhale and exhale, communicate with the higher powers. Therefore, together the twelve poles symbolise the twelve months of the year, the seasons and the cycle of life.

The Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio was built, or more precisely ‘put up’, by Celestine V and the Order of the Temple, in the same spirit as the Sioux constructions. But now the Earth has rebelled, it has moved, making the Baroque-style ceiling, (which was not in keeping with that of the original medieval style of the building), tumble to the ground, opening a huge window onto the star-lit sky.

It would seem that the spirit of Celestine V has been woken from a long, deep sleep. His land has started to breathe again, inviting us once more to reconstruct

the Dwelling of the Gods, his GREAT TEEPEE

6 april 2009, 3.32 a.m.


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