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6 April 2009, 3.32 a.m. - SOS Collemaggio

Collemaggio < SOS > Collemondo

Every day we receive an infinite number of SOS requests for help and support, yet we are increasingly less inclined to hear their call. What would move you to make a donation of ‘€ 9.9’ for the reconstruction of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio church, which is in urgent need of repair and restoration?
Sadly, the damages are graver than was thought after the initial on-site inspection. The transept has collapsed and, as a consequence, the entire church has been seriously damaged and the pillars are gradually being crushed and crumbling away.
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Help us Rebuild the Great Tepee
According to a civil defence document, the financial cost for the restoration and rehabilitation of the various historic buildings is estimated at:
- € 10.500.000 (Monumental complex)
- €   5.500.000 (Church)

Restoring and reconstructing the monuments that were destroyed in the Aquila and Abruzzo earthquake on 6 April 2009 will be like putting the pieces of an enormous puzzle back together again.
For Caucasians’, who are used to building homes with solid ‘roots’, it was quite strange for them to hear the chiefs’ say to their people: “The time has come to move our tepees, we must let the Earth breathe.”



The Secret of the > Triple 8 > 888, aimed at transforming the " Square – symbolic of matter - into a Circle – symbolic of Spirit" was intentionally hidden and forgotten in the stone, as is the case with many Gothic cathedrals.
This highly powerful and unique Power Station for the acceleration of human cells designed to allow everybody who is ready and available – after a proper purification of the body and spirit (see Pardon Ceremony) - to receive these outstanding and formidable cosmic energies, has been intentionally turned off.
-Up until 1970, the roof had been lowered; the octagonal columns duly covered; the labyrinth dismantled and partially concealed by the baroque decorations of the column above.
- In 2006, with the publication of the books by M.G. Lopardi and M. Proclamato on the "Secret of the Three Octaves" attempts were made to hide even
the drawing of the > Triple 8 < and the 7th field.
- Up until April 6 2009 at 3:32 a.m., the Triple 8 symbol (888) had intentionally been kept hidden from the benches of worshippers.

- The access to the underground river had been blocked and hidden to prevent anybody from reaching it to collect its highly pure water. Tests of this water have shown that it has the same energetic and healing properties of the water of Lourdes and Madjugorie.
heart to heart

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> With the bestowal of the pallium, did the Pope intend to pardon Celestine V – the Pope of the Great Refusal – and forgive him for having turned the Pardon ceremony into a secular and super partes ritual?


Every thought is like a kite

Every author and producer must understand that when any one of us receives or meets with images and thoughts that touch them on a profound level, they are incapable of retaining them completely, and they in turn throw them into the ether like a kite. And when someone else grasps the string dangling from the sky, they hold it for only an instant, before releasing it again to be caught by another hand, another heart.

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Law of Maat

Maat was one of the most important goddesses. She was the personification of Justice and Truth, and her symbols were the “scaleand above all the “feather”, that she wore on her head.
Maat symbolizes the Cosmic Order as opposed to sterile Chaos. Scribes devoted to her had drawn up a complex series of prescriptions that had to be followed for a better society. Later, the Jews copied many of these rules, which acquired a more radical nature in Moses’ Ten Commandments. Conversely, in Egypt, these rules had no punishing function at all, but were deemed necessary for a better life and higher respect of others.


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Alla ricerca dell'Elefante Bianco

One evening, I happened to be alone with Little Orchid, who asked me a strange question:
"On which star is Shiva, your white elephant?".
Surprised, I replied: “White elephants are not in the sky but in Shamballà”.

Little Orchid smiled at me, and, exchanging our roles, she began to tell me her story.

"Yes –she said – every now and then the white elephant shows up to us; we worship it in Temples and on the streets where you can find votive statuettes with its portrait . We usually give it offerings of flowers and food. They appear to us as elephants and we Indians worship them as such. When they die, however, they return to the sky as little stars.

We all choose a star, which is our white elephant that will follow us all our life. It’s our
Shiva, which sends us messages and gives us advice. Choose your own star and talk to the little white elephant hiding in your heart. Learn to speak with your heart rather than with your mind, and you’ll immediately fly to your star in the sky, to your little white elephant."

The sky was full of stars and “bubbles” of light. I chose my star and my white elephant.

Your Little Black Elephant

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This initiative is promoted on SOS COLLEMAGGIO web site that has been specially designed to preserve the spirit of Celestine V and to recover the energy of the Triple 8 (>8<8>8<) that was lost in the earthquake of April 6 2009, at 3.32 am


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