The Basilica of Collemaggio is an example of a mathematic study proper, where the number > 8 < is the basis of a precise game of magic symmetries, according to Islamic and Chinese traditions.

The perfectly oriented building is rich in astral references and symbolic meanings. It is an outstanding expression of the highest medieval culture, linked to the esoteric tradition of the Templars and the initiatory sects to the Mysteries of the Orient, in particular those around the Mediterranean basin. Their greatest esoteric expression is to be found among the Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, and the Romans, who built several octagonal temples like the Temple of Tholos in Epidaurus in 360 B.C. or the Temple of Aristarchus of Samos, built in 320 B.C., or other more recent, still active temples.

An Initiatory Path

The floor is divided into > seven spaces < marked by red lines; beyond them there are > 6 concentric circles < forming the >Triple 888<

It is an initiatory path , in which you enter a high frequency environment with a low magnetic field, where the polarized energy of the symbols and patterns flows through seven specific areas, bordered by 6 discreet lines and symbols scattered on the floor, stimulating seven different centres (see chakras). You are thus subjected to a progressively stronger energy flow at your key body points, enabling you to achieve a progressively higher awareness and access the >Triple 8 Labyrinth < at the end of the nave. Here, following a path marked by a series of concentric circles, your motory centres undergo clockwise and anticlockwise rotations and are brought to the maximum sustainable energy level, thus allowing you to come in contact with the maximum > energy < power.

432 Hz

the tuning that resonates with life



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