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During my pilgrimage in this world, I have met many wise people, both men and women. However, the man who mostly helped me get out of my male mindframe, understand the pace and rhythm of our world and the relations between sexes and discover my feminine roots was Hernàn Huarache Mamani - a Peruvian Quechua Indian. He is a master of mystic secrets he inherited from his father, a medicine man of Aztecan traditions, from his curanderos friends, and, in particular, from a community of very wise women, who are the guardians of ancient knowledge and - according to Mamani – live deep in the Amazon forest.

Through them, Mamani discovered "the dimension of love", the intimate connection of every human being with Pachamama, the Mother Earth.
Mamani is a "medicine man", with a deep knowledge  the INCA spiritual tradition. When he was eleven, he left his family, so there would be "one less mouth to feed", found a job, and continued to go to school. He then graduated in Economics and Languages at the University of Arequipa (Peru) and got a job with the Ministry of Agriculture. But he fell seriously ill. While doctors had already written him off, he was healed by his father, a farmer and, without Herrnán ever knowing it, a skilled curandero, who introduced him to a world totally unknown and incomprehensible to him as well as to all the people living in the Western world.

In one of his books about that experience, Hernàn writes: “It was like a slap on my face. I thought that what I had learned at university was the only truth. But a simple man like my father taught me that there is another knowledge that I had forgotten."

Intrigued, Mamani set off on a long spiritual journey.
Even though he met several curanderos, it was a “community of only women” -  the wise guardians of ancient traditions living deep in the Amazon forest - who made him discover his roots.                                         

For several years, he lived directly in touch with these very special women and tried to understand and carry out live experiments of the various alternative principles supporting the feminine as well as the male energy, to acquire an in-depth knowledge of all their methods. He learned the rhythms of the Moon, the Sun, and the other planets - as they were  taught by ancient Andine civilizations -  based on a healthy and necessary balance between men and women, and between human beings and the movements of the solar and planetary system, in a sort of female university called "Akllawasi”. Known and attended by women and men at the times of the Aztecans and Mayas, today this university is hidden in the thick of the Amazon forest. No man is allowed there, unless he is granted a special “authorization”, given by the “master curandera” exclusively to those “men” who have shown to have integrated and comprehended their feminine side, and proved to be “women” not only in their bodies, but also in their souls.
Very few men have been admitted and accepted. Most of them died in their attempt to find that unique and unknown community. Those who managed to overcome the obstacles set by an inaccessible forest, predators, and deadly poisonous animals teeming the Amazon rainforest were almost inevitably killed, if, after having faced the tremedous  trials and sufferings, which the “Amazons” would require of them, they had failed if, as happened most of the times, they failed to endure the tremendous trials and tribulations the “Amazons” forced them to go through, to prove that they were ready and worthy). Except for very few exceptions, the few survivors would be kept as slaves, only because they had demonstrated to be  “suitable” as “covering stallions”.

H.H. Mamani managed to face this fearsome and unique experience. Thanks to the teachings of his father and of the other curanderos shamans, he overcame all the trials he had been confronted with.  Finally, as he tells us in his book “Kantu, el poder de la mujer”, he was treated on an equal standing by the terrible Amazon women.

Professor Mamani, a learned man holding two university degrees, taught for 25 years at the Arequipa University. Westernized and married to an Italian woman he met in Peru, lately he has been living in Italy. He has promoted an initiative to help people rediscover "the power of women", the feminine essence as the creating force and evolutionary drive of mankind. However, according to this Quecua Indian wise man, to do so, we need first of all to change the way we teach our children since their infancy. As a matter of fact, all schools in the West, from primary to secondary high schools and universities, are strongly male-oriented and mostly focused on the outer world. They  neglect our inner world, our spirit and above all our feminine side.

Indeed, the majority of "males" are unable to have and express feelings of love as intense and deep as their female counterparts, because since their childhood they have been taught that they are not supposed to be even and primarily "women".
In every man there is a feminine side that he is taught to ignore, underestimate, and even despise.
Based on a prevailingly feminine approach and orientation, the University of Akllawasi focuses on the knowledge of the self and helps students find a purpose and direction in their lives, and above all get to know and appreciate gender differences.

There is no such an institution today, but H.H. Mamani believes that we can build it, starting simply from nursery and primary schools. A case in point is the kindergarden "CEIP Jardin de la Vida y de la Paz", set up in his own native village, to be followed by primary, secondary schools, etc..

Professor Mamani has already invested all the royalties from his books into this project and has set up the Mamani Foundation and the I.N.C.A Association, to raise funds for the establishment of this institution. Mamani is firmly convinced that women will soon take up the reins of society again and will eventually create a world of brotherhood and peace, as happened in that faraway Inca and Maya world. In that world, women were the engine of society, fully entitled to take part  - with equal rights - in the "government of the four regions", called Tahantinsuyu that ruled over most of Latin America through a democracy based on the sharing of knowledge and with no need for military rule and invasions. Just like in ancient Egypt, when people lived by the 42 laws of Goddess Maat, during that historic period the principles of equality, freedom but above all mutual respect and actual equality between genders, with equal rights and duties, were applied.

>  the 42 laws of Goddess Maat <

Five hundred years ago, that sophisticated civilization was destroyed by European conquistadors like Pizarro. As this Quechua Indian wise man and primary school teacher claims, today the "Akllawasi” schools could actually generate a turnaround in Peru itself.

"We are shifting – adds Mamani – from a male to a female cycle. Women are awakening. Just look at the changes  occurred in the Western world over the last century and those taking place in the East, especially in the Muslim world”.

One day I had the opportunity to talk to him about the methods he was using with kids to develop the 5 senses and specifically the 6th sense > intuition < the most hidden and least used of all, which was the topic of a book I was writing, whose Prologue is published in this Web Site.
Mamani told me that according to Atzec-Maya tradition, during a child’s early life the sense of “touch” was the most focused upon: kids were invited to touch objects made of the most different materials, to recognize them blindfolded, learn how to handle them and create shapes and objects mimicking nature or simply invent them, by playing with their own imagination and giving them the shapes and colours they wanted.
They would also teach to caress one’s skin and heal it when wounded. At school, there was no difference between boys and girls until they were six years old.
Girls alone would begin to learn how to write and read at the age of six, while boys would start a year later, at the age of seven.
I immediately asked him why there was such a difference!

Mamani told me that it was a matter of “cycles”.

The female cycle follows the moon, with four phases of six years each

>12<>18 --- 18<>24 ---24<>30 --- 30<>36

while the male one follows a septenary rhythm

>7<> 14 <> 21 <> 28.

I happened to ponder that coming of age at 21, as envisaged by law until a few years ago, was by no means accidental. I was even more surprised when Mamani told me that the female cycle begins when the girl is 12, when she normally has her first period. From this moment on, women lives are in tune with the Moon:
1)>12<>18 > corresponds to the 1st quarter of the Moon (egg develops in the ovary)
2)>19<>24 > corresponds to the 2nd quarter of the Moon (egg moves down into the uterus)
>>>>24 <<<< Full Moon (the egg is mature for fertilization)
3)>25<>30 > corresponds to the 3rd quarter of the Moon (egg loses vital energy)
4)>31<>36 > corresponds to the 4th quarter of the Moon (menses begins).

Mamani pointed out that nowadays, primarily in the Western world,  women have postponed procreation to a much older age than the natural age for giving birth. This remark reminds me that, when I was young, a woman who at the age of 24 was still childless was considered an “old maid”!

Modern women are gradually moving away from their natural rhythm, which basically corresponds to the moon phases. In this way they are progressively losing contact with cosmic rhythms. They lack a cosmic life, since the moon and the sun are no longer within them.
In his Letter to Lorenzo the Magnificent Marsilio Ficino, philosopher and man of letters, stated: We have an entire sky within us, our fiery strength and heavenly origin; the Moon, symbolizing the continuous motion of soul and body, Mars speed and Saturn slowness, the Sun God, Jupiter law, Mercury reason, and Venus humanity”.

And yet, there could be a very easy and natural way to resume our motion by the rhythm of the Moon > namely, to follow it through its waning and waxing phases.

According to an ancient tradition, every woman must immerse herself in water at least once in 29 days, when the Moon wanes away and disappears for one full day, to reappear again and start a new cycle > see the moon phases calendar

The Moon rotates for a period of 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes, the same time it takes to revolve around the Earth which is the same it takes it to revolve around the Earth, namely 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes This period is called sidereal revolution or sidereal month. However, since also the Earth moves along its orbit around the Sun, while the Moon covers its revolution around our planet, it will not be again in conjunction with the Sun after one sidereal month, but approximately two days later. The average time between two subsequent conjunctions between the Moon and the Sun amounts to 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds. It is called sinodic revolution or sinodic month or lunation. If we multiply lunation by 12, we obtain the interval of 354 days, 8 hours, 48 minutes and 36 seconds, that is the lunar year. It is by about 11 days shorter than the solar year, and it is the unit of measure of the lunar calendar.
The different ways in which we see our satellite are called moon phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter

The new moon, marking the beginning of the lunar month, occurs when the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, thus between the latter and the Earth. When in this position, it shows us its dark hemisphere, which makes it invisible.

Even women follow a 28-day cycle: in the first 7 days (1st quarter of the waxing Moon) the egg develops and, when mature, moves down into the uterus to reach its full maturity around the 14th day, exactly when the Moon is at its peak

> Full Moon <

to start its waning phase (3rd quarter), which, in the last quarter, coincides with the menstrual period.

According to an ancient cosmic legend, at the end of the menstrual period (4th week of the female cycle), having expelled blood and the no longer vital eggs– during the period of darkness (29th day) – every woman must cleanse her body from any negative residues and get ready for her new cycle.

Exactly at the time of the “New Moon” or 1 hour < or > 7 hours < or > 14 hours > later, she has to take a purifying bath, according to the following ritual.

1) The bathroom must be properly clean and tidy;

2) No ”artificial light” must be used, but only bee-wax candles, or of a favourite “colour”;

3) Select your favourite fragrance, the one you like best at the time, following the season, giving preference to seasonal flowers;

4) Put on music that helps you fully relax and gain total peace of mind;

5) Prepare some white clean towels;

6) If your are taking this bath at night, select your best pyjamas > made of silk, cotton or linen, which lets your skin breathe;

7) The water must be hot, slightly above 38°C, so that you cannot enter quickly, but only slowly into the tub;

8) Enter into the water slowly with your left foot first, and only when it rests on the tub floor, put also your right foot in the water;

9) When both feet are in, concentrate on them and breathe deeply. Hold your breath for about 4 seconds. While you exhale, mentally ask the part of your body which has just immersed in the water to expel all the negative energy that has built up there. Continue with the same breathing pattern and mental request while you gradually dip your entire body into the hot water.

10)1st> Dip your feet until the ankles < 2nd> Kneel down < 3rd> then stretch your legs forward, keeping your groin and genitals under the water <4th> gradually lie down until your belly button (intestine) is covered by the hot water < 5th> cover with water the solar plexus up to your breasts < 6th> then your whole chest and your throat up to under your chin < 7th> then slowly immerge your mouth, nose, holding the nostrils with your right hand <> dip fully underwater with your eyes open and then close them;

11) This is the most important part, because you move again from the death to the re-birth of the egg. It is as if you were procreating a new being, since the water embodies the amniotic fluid in a pregnant woman;

12) Remain under the water until you can hold your breath;

13)You can then lie in the bath as long as you like, gently massaging your whole body, focusing on all those parts that feel stiff, stressed, and painful. Concentrate your thoughts on these parts and focus on the thoughts flowing in your mind, reminding you of pleasant and unpleasant events and feelings;

14) Apply plenty of soap to your body, spreading it all over, in order to accurately remove all dirt. Take a stiff bristle brush and scrub all your body with it, to thoroughly remove every old and dead skin cell. During this operation, drain the dirty water out of the tub, keeping the hot water tap open to let cleaner and clearer water flow in;

15) Dip again into the water, without stirring for a couple of minutes, while slowly letting the water drain out of the tub;

16)When the tub is empty, stand up and take a regenerating shower, changing the water flow from hot to cold;

17) Dry yourself slowly and spread some tonic cream over your skin;

18) When the ritual is finished, go to your sitting room, lie on the sofa for a few minutes, sip some hot aromatic drink and listen to heart-touching music, that makes your heart vibrate.


a) Women with a different menstrual cycle should perform the above described ritual at the end of their period and when the moon turns from waning to waxing. They should then monitor if their cycle remains unchanged and/or adjusts to the natural moon cycle.

b) In any case, you must take care of your skin and follow a proper diet, monitoring the effects that it has on your body, checking if your skin is dry or has rashes, and gently massaging it with proper creams or other ingredients as suggested by folk culture > our grandmothers and mothers must become our precious advisers, since they have acquired more experience and ability to identify symptoms and fix them.

c) last but not least, you should make a CD with your own favourite music that you like to listen to during the bath ceremony and the following relax time.

d) The above described ceremony should also be followed by men, to let them enter into the moon rhythms (13 Moons) and let their feminine side expand and get in harmony with their male and solar side, which follows the rhythm of equinoxes and solstices (4x3).

In Freemasonry, this indissoluble tie is entrusted to a “symbolic message”, which is obscure and incomprehensible  even to Masons themselves.

During the initiation ceremony in which the "Candidate" is recognised as "brother", according to the rituals he shall  be given two pairs of gloves.
“…My Brother, these gloves are intended for the Woman who represents your perfect antithetic polarity, the Lunar”.


Everybody thinks that the second pair of gloves are for a real woman, who is eitherrelated to the "Brother" or linked to him by love.

Actually, the interpretation of this statement from a pure esoteric point of view would give it a completely different meaning. Indeed, the second pair of gloves is not offered to a “woman”, but to the “perfect feminine and lunar polarity of the Candidate”, to awaken and reconcile it with his male side.

The entered apprentice should wear the gloves inside out, to make clear to everyone that the “lunar glove”, worn on the right hand (positive, active, solar) can be worn only on the left hand (negative, receptive, lunar). Hence, maybe, the popular saying “To be turned inside out like a glove”.

As far as this specific aspect is concerned, in the book “Quaderni di Simbologia”, the Author points out that allegedly, “the gift of the second pair of gloves” is “formal and symbolic”.  As a matter of fact, the same pair of gloves should be used on a “physical” as well as a “metaphysical” level, as soon as both energies are reactivated/restored and start working together through the brain and the heart.


Frankly, not even Masons understand this "message" , nor do they put it into practice in

And yet it is a ‘messagethat we find in the following "Apocryphal Gospel of Thomas", the most esoteric one,


Jesus saw some infants who were being suckled. He said to his disciples: These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom. They said to him: If we then become children, shall we enter the kingdom?"

Jesus said to them: When you make the two one, and when you make the inside as the outside, and the outside as the inside, and the upper as the lower, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male is not male and the female not female, and when you make eyes in place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then shall you enter [the kingdom]"


According to Gnostic doctrine, each being is composed of pairs of opposite elements – high and low, external and internal, male and female – and will reach perfection only when these elements are fused together.

By stating that "so that the male is not male and the female not female" , the genders are being transcended, since the whole reality can be traced back to God.

If, instead of the physical eye, hand or foot, we have an eye, a hand and a foot made of pure spirit, we will rejoin divinity, in whose mind all these appearances are fused together

from Heart to Heart

Giovanni .'. Salvati
A man cannot change the world
but he can spread a  
message that can change the world


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