The True Knights of The Round Table

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I indulge in thinking
about imaginary etymologies that to my goal sound truer than the real ones.
Hence, if it symbolises strength,
Fire is UR
and if you know how to, you can master the Art, and become Your own King.
Art – Strength <> Art – UR.
Arthur, King Arthur.
It lies in the meaning of things.

King Arthur
Art of Ur = Art of Fire

If you discover the fire in you

the primordial energy that melts the stone, you will be able to remove

the sword >< the cross

you have inside and  be reborn anew just like the mythical


The Masonic Lodge aims at awakening this powerful

> energy <

that lies dormant in the "heart" of every Mason

> A centre of vital and throbbing energy <

is created in th e Lodge , exactly like the one generated at King Arthur’s Round Table and connected to the

< 12 energies of the Universe >

The Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge is the Architect, the Orchestra Conductor.

Every Knight is like a musician playing an instrument. Sometimes you can play in a trio, in a quartet, etc, but the orchestra has to rely on twelve archetypal elements or on a multiple of 12, if the Ritual so requires.

Every Ritual is like a symphony that needs some key instruments that are essential to obtain the right harmony, and other supporting instruments, should any of the musicians not be ready to play the role assigned to him/her.

To let the fire energy flow freely, the initiatory ritual has to unleash the Kundalini energy lying asleep within each participant and give up the twelve swords embedded in the “stone hearts” of every knight

The Worshipful MasterKing Arthur of the Round Table, has to cover the squares containing the twelve signs of the Zodiac
bring them into contact with the archetypal energiesinside the sword of the Knight
born under the corresponding sign.

This is the only way to reassemble the Zodiac

and let the Sun rise again in the system.

No affection nor friendship can influence the choice of the “twelve” elements of the Table

The Conductor selects one by one all the members of his "dodecaphonic orchestra” or of his 12 voice polyphonic choir.
The different sounds and colours will help release and express the various harmonies of the Universe within the “micro” and “macro” Cosmos.


In this context, King Arthur is the Shaman who injects the sparkle and lead the team. When the King considers the team to be ready, he entrusts its members to another initiate: “ Merlin the Wizard”. In this specific historical context, the name Merlin acquires a symbolic meaning, namely

> “He who goes beyond” <> " He who has expanded" <

or, according to other interpretations,

> " He who sees beyond "<> " He who sees things"

The energy released by King Arthur helps each member of the team follow his

> pathway <

towards a thorough and deep understanding of human beings and their environment and makes every Knight increasingly aware that his own

> energy <

extends beyond what is visible and can be perceived by his 5 senses, whose potential is thus maximized

"The 5 senses"

In Freemasonry, this level corresponds to the 30th degree, namely the

"Knight of the Order of the White and Black Eagle”

>The Grand Elect Knight Kadosh<

Kadosh is "the Saint", "the Pure", the one who has crossed the threshold of supreme initiation, trying to free himself from all psychological, spiritual and philosophical conditioning.

He is the "the Soldier of the Eternal God" who has severed all ties with the world; in other words, he is the Mason who has succeeded in achieving total mental and spiritual freedom through a ritual, whereby "in full spirit of independence", he is released from subjection to whatever ideas he might have developed out of his religious belief or his cultural and social-political background"exactly like the ancient Knights Templar.

Since he has fully accepted himself and the world around him and abandoned all prejudices and dogmas about the Supreme Being, the Knight is at last > free < - if he so wishes – to explore what is " Known" > and "What is still to be known", because he has learned to go back <anytime to his own

> Centre <

and let the

> 77 petal flower <

hidden in his chest, blossom.

It is not by chance that in the Hermetic tradition, the "heart is represented by "a rose" which, at the centre of the "Whithe Cross", used to indicate a Rosicrucian Knight. That was also the easiest way to indicate a "man on the move", searching for the Light and trying to find his "third eye" , the one hidden in his heart, through which he could make the invisible visible.


"En searching for the white elephant”

Exactly like the symbol conceived by an "old elephant" on the move, a symbol uniting East and West and featuring a little white elephant (the symbol of Buddha in the East) in lieu of the rose (the symbol of the highest Masonic degrees) at the centre of the Templar cross. This symbol is offered to young and less young elephants, to help them understand that the time has come to look for the “white elephant"” hidden in each


This search path cannot Always be a solitary practice. There comes a time when one has to set out to reach

King Arthur’s castle

and sit once again at the Round Table together with the other knights: only if we stand united, will we manage to harness the necessary power to reach ever higher > levels of consciousness < through the help of > Merlin the Wizard < of the Arthurian legend.

Merlin the Wizard is not a real man of flesh and blood; he is the Egregore of the 12 knights, joined by an indissoluble bond around the Round Table. Such bond cancels their individual entities to form one single, living and throbbing Entity, which is not merely the sum of the energies of the 12 participants, but something far more powerful that can be absorbed and sustained only through their intimate union.

Unlike what is told in the Arthurian tales, Merlin is not the Master initiated to the Mysteries, the Guide for all relations with the higher levels. He is a Being of Light who wakes up and falls back to sleep, just like the mythical > Phoenix < that dies and is reborn anew every 500 years.

He is the only > invisible and throbbing < entity that teaches the knights how to master their energies, open their Chakras and release the Kundalini energy. He turns them into " MASTERS" of that energy, into new > Merlins< who have learned to expand and explore multiple dimensions around them through effortless motions, while carrying out activities that require all these different ultradimensional realities.

They have become > Wizards < themselves, since they have learned to calibrate and master their energies while acquiring that experience without getting lost, because they are constantly aware of the time and space they are in and know how to > self-centre < themselves and go back to their human and vital space.

The Swords - the Hermetic Spirals that are turned on in each knight - must be progressively adjusted to the power expressed by the Egregore and by the energy of all levels at which one operates and gets in touch with.

It is an Energy Table that spreads out into ever larger energy circles

as featured on the ceiling of San Galgano Chapel.

Each and every Knight must be able to release the same energy of the level at which he is operating and to absorb the energies released by the other Knights.

The same cosmic vibration can be created in a Masonic Temple, every time it is consecrated according to the Ritual and <> reconstructed <> according to the tenets of the Sacred Geometry, just like in this nuclear power station under construction, where an octagon and then two equilateral triangles are placed inside the round-shaped enclosure to form a King Solomon’s Star < having another smaller > circle < at its centre, > the epicentre < of the nucleus of the atom, the vital heart of the Power Station.

- ONE WORLD trad center - 1776 feet -

Just like the > octagonal tank < that has now been removed, but, as goes the tradition, was placed at the centre of the octagonal courtyard of Castel del Monte at Adria (Apulia) >. It was a single-block tank< with a seat for the "Knight" who was about to receive the baptism by fire.

- Grand Templar Cross on Vatican -

< Cherch of San Pither >


That consacrated place can unleash the same power of a Nuclear Power Station, where all the atoms of all Knights come in contact with each other

and become high power atomic cells

as happened when the Knights of King Arthur gathered around the Round Table.

No arrogance, nor pride.
no imposition, nor right.
no boldness, nor value.
no knowledge, nor wisdom.

Only innocence can touch it;Only innocence without desirecan use the power it has within.

So is removed
the Sword from the Stone
and a King may be born.

Heart to Heart

A man cannot change the world
but he can spread a
message that can change the world


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