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Basilica of Collemaggio is an example of a mathematic study proper, where the number > 8 < is the basis of a precise game of magic symmetries, according to Islamic and Chinese traditions.

The perfectly oriented building is rich in astral references and symbolic meanings. It is an outstanding expression of the highest medieval culture, linked to the esoteric tradition of the Templars and the initiatory sects to the Mysteries of the Orient, in particular those around the Mediterranean basin. Their greatest esoteric expression is to be found among the Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, and the Romans, who built several octagonal temples like the Temple of Tholos in Epidaurus in 360 B.C. or the one of Aristarchus of Samos built in 320 B.C. or other more recent, still active temples, like

Castel del Monte in Apulia, with its maximum symbolic expression of its eight-point star layout.

the tuning that resonates with life It should be pointed out, however, that the geometric figures of the octagon and the eight-point star that are present in Christian churches and Islamic temples do no just represent a mandalic symbol, exemplifying the path from our earthly world to the celestial one, nor a simple "drawing" traced on the ground or on holy items, and carrying a merely symbolic value.
Actually, they have been designed with this octogonal structure, because the Master Builders had demonstrated that this particular shape was actually enhancing a direct contact between the visible and the invisible world, thus becoming an actual "link" between the sky and the earth, between the divine and the human, a sort of "a bridge", which, by balancing these two energies, would allow an "energy exchange".

432 Hz


the tuning that resonates with life

This was "the key", the secret combination to open the "access portal".(3)

The powerful electromagnetic energy released by these temples had indeed significant effects on those who were predisposed and ready to use it.

The energy of these Sites, when energized and put in operation, would act inside the human body, on some vital processes, by stimulating specific endocrine glands (see chakras), and allowing the single individual or the group who came in contact with this energy to strengthen and boost these glands, while helping them normalize again their vital processes and, at the same time – in most cases unconsciously - promoting their progressive spiritual regeneration.

Another requirement of such a site that had been proved to amplify geomagnetic forces (ley lines) - like the Basilica of Chartres in France –, was the availability of abundant underground water and the presence of specific vibrations linked to the earth’s magnetic field.

The Hill of Collemaggio in L'Aquila presented all these features as well as an underground river, with highly pure and energetic water, tested to have the same energetic and healing properties of the water of Lourdes and Madjugorie. The site was therefore judged to be suitable to build a Holy Temple and create a vanguard energetic mental Centre, as resulted from studies and research by the best architects, physicians, mathematicians, and astrologers of those times, as well as by Comacine Masterbuilders, who had been initiated to the Royal Art.

The floor is divided into seven spaces, marked by red lines, beyond them there are 6 concentric circles, forming the Triple Eight >888<.

The layout of the corridors, the color patterns and arrangement of the tiles, with differing patterns at the end of each set of orthogonal columns, seem to reproduce and follow the arrangement and layout of the geological groundwater composition.

A circuit seems to be printed on the stone floor activated by energy currents from the earth: by walking on it, a man with his upright position, acts as a receiving and transmitting antenna, creating the right connection with cosmic vibrations. This, in turn, will allow him/her, if ready to start on this energetic pathway, to progressively purify himself/herself, and finally enter into a "jewel casket" that holds an ancient, thousands of years old knowledge.

In an article published in > Nuova Aquila<,
Michele Proclamato shows us a picture of the floor of Collemaggio, where, upon careful observation, cubes, tetrahedrons, and lozenges, through their beautiful two-colour arrangement, acquire a “three-dimensional” form. Their symbolic meaning, especially that of the "Three Towers "- with two of them leaning, like Towers of Pisa, towards the one at the centre - is still obscure.

As a matter of fact, an eliocentric system had been designed in Collemaggio, which works exactly like today’s superconductors – designed to transmit millions of data and images at the speed of light – which fosters the concentration of bio-psychic energies of those who want to start their own inner search, helping them progressively remove the blocks that hold these energies down.

However, these ancient builders did not only work as skilled psycho-physical engineers, but, above all, as "Initiates to the Royal Art ", by entrusting the floor stones with the greatest message ever given to man, namely the one expressed by the problem of squaring the circle.

The red and white lozenges, which develop through 5 rectangles (the number 5 represents the Virgin Mary) have unique proportions, since each tile can be entered into the surface formed by two circles of equal surface, with the centre of the second circle placed on the circumference of the first one, to form the symbol of a "vescica piscis".

Hence, the wide extent of lozenges gives the impression of crossing a surface of water, to control one’s passions; it is as if you were taking a purifying path, where the lozenge, just like the square, is the symbol of matter – namely emotions and feelings, that must be controlled and guided in the right direction, by aptly facing and mastering them. However, if, as human beings, we are not yet ready to exercise this control, the 5th level, the fifth portal, cannot be trespassed.

Therefore, it is not by chance that when the 5th level is reached, the initiate has to decide whether he wants to continue or stop: in the second case, he shall stop his journey and walk back to levels that are more sustainable for his body and psyche.

Number > 5 < represents man, but it is also the symbol of the Universe, of Divine Will, which aims exclusively at order and perfection. 5 is half of > 10 < , it plays a mediating role between Heaven and Earth, the point where celestial energies meet and where the 5th element air - in other words divine energy, reveals itself.
This transition – through an accurate use of numbers and shapes – is marked on the floor: at the end of the first five levels, the lozenge pattern is replaced by red crosses, just like those decorating the façade of the Basilica.

The cross is the symbol of the union between Heaven and Earth, the hoped-for union between the matter (horizontal line) and the sky (vertical line).

In Collemaggio, this union is marked by a different stone, placed at the centre of the segment with the cross pattern, featuring a cross/flower, called "omphalos". Its four external sides are semi-circles indicating that the cross is rotating and, under the pressure of opposite forces, is following the movement of the Universe. It is this encounter-confrontation that drives the rotation of the cross until it becomes a > swastika < and then > a circle < just like the > six circles < forming the following TRIPLE >888<.

It is the philosopher’s stone of alchemists, with which the impure matter can be turned into pure substance. This very ancient symbol has been intentionally placed right at the centre of the nave, in the middle of the Church, at the level of the “Sacred Door" located in the Northern wall. This is the meeting point where man can move > beyond the fifth level (the earthly one) < trespassing our physical dimension, where our conscience is anchored, and step beyond > the threshold < between the two dimensions.

The omphalos is a sign for those who have decided to begin a new evolutionary path, signalling them that right on that they will be experiencing their death/rebirth, by directly entering into a > burial shroud < and then resurrecting. This burial cloth features crosses that are identical to those of the church façade, and remind us of the knots in the central part of the holy shroud now kept in Turin.

In iconographies of different ancient populations, a man portrayed on top of a mountain symbolizes one’s maturation, meaning that he/she has reached the top of the mountain of mystical knowledge".
Bernard of Clairvaux in the 12th century wondered: Who will be climbing the mountain of the Lord?”, thus implying that not everybody is fit for that climb. The starting point is the self, the end point is reaching the whole.

Pilgrims, after entering the Basilica, would begin their path, overcoming the first 5 levels, and reaching the sixth one, with the > omphalos < at its centre, symbol of the union between the sky and the earth, the sublime threshold impossible to be trespassed if one is still shielded by matter. The man who has reached that point looks at far away horizons, is no longer a trembling man crushed under his humane difficulties; he has the eyes of a man who has defeated his fear of death and has already reached the highest celestial spheres.
Only when ready to cross this
threshold, separating the visible from the invisible world, could he move forward to the 6th, 7th, and finally to the 8th level, the one that would allow him to begin taking a most exclusive and totally individual path.

An Initiatory Path

It is an initiatory path in which you enter a high frequency environment with a low magnetic field, where the polarized energy of the symbols and patterns flows through seven specific areas, bordered by 6 discreet lines and by symbols scattered on the floor, stimulating seven different centres (see chakras). You are thus subjected to a progressively stronger energy flow at your key body points, enabling you to achieve a progressively higher awareness and access the >Triple 8< Labyrinth at the end of the nave. Here, following a path marked by a series of concentric circles, your motory centres undergo clockwise and anticlockwise rotations and are brought to the maximum sustainable energy level, thus allowing you to come in contact with the maximum power.

In this last phase, when the positive and negative poles present - although with inverted roles - in both men and women, meet and exchange energy, the >Rebis< namely the union of opposite elements, is achieved: it is when the solar energy (fire - male) meets the lunar energy (water - feminine), it is the mystical wedding of the King and the Queen, the alchemic wedding: out of this union, a son will be born, the inner child - the puer aeternus, Christ -, the spiritual resurrection of man from water and fire, representing the spiritual perfection the alchemist reaches through his Master Work.[3]

Having reached the maximum level, the initiate, full of "primary energy", has inevitably "revved up", therefore he is invited to enter the labyrinth on the right, under the first column (fallen during the earthquake) and in front of the central nave, which worked as a hyperbaric chamber. This will allow the initiate who has passed the test to go back to energy levels his pshycological-body system can sustain. As a matter of fact, if the > ritual process < has taken place with the right intensity and efficacy, the cells of the initiate have been strongly stimulated and accelerated; all this energy needs to be rebalanced and brought back to normal levels, just like when diving deep in sea water for longer periods of time.

A diver
, in order to avoid embolisms, has to stop a few meters below the sea surface and stay there for a more or less long period of time.

This very powerful and unique Power Station for the acceleration of human cells, designed to allow everybody who is ready and available – after a proper purification of the body and spirit (see Pardon Ceremony) - to receive these outstanding and formidable cosmic energies, has been intentionally turned off.

- Up until 1970, the roof had been lowered; the octagonal columns duly covered; the labyrinth dismantled and partially concealed by the baroque decorations covering the column above.
- In 2006, with the publication of the books by M.G. Lopardi and M. Proclamato on the "Secret of the Three Octaves" attempts were made to even hide the drawing of the > Triple 8 < and the 7th field.
- Up until April 6 2009 at 3:32 a.m., the Triple 8 symbol (888) was intentionally kept hidden from the benches of worshippers.

- The access to the underground river had been blocked and hidden to prevent anybody from reaching it to collect its highly pure water. Tests of this water have shown that it has the same energetic and healing properties of the water of Lourdes and Madjugorie.

The Secret of the > Triple 8 > 888, aimed at transforming the " Square – symbolic of matter - into a Circle – symbolic of Spirit " was intentionally hidden and forgotten in the stone, as is the case with many Gothic cathedrals.

Heart to Heart

A man cannot change the world
but he can spread a
that can change the world

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